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A Second Chance Rehabilitation program for immigrant young offenders

A Second Chance (Sikuim) is designed to reshape the lives of immigrant juvenile delinquents by giving them the opportunity for a fresh slate, thereby giving them a second chance to be productive, contributing members of society. The Second Chance program is based on the assumption that with proper guidance, on-going support, and personal attention, the lives of at-risk youth could take a different course. This intensive program combines one-on-one mentorship, group work, and community service.

Sikuim is a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Immigrant Integration, the police, the Ministry of Welfare, local municipalities and Yedidim designed to offer these youth an opportunity for a fresh start and a clean slate. Only youth who show a high level of motivation are selected, and, upon successful completion of the program, the police recommends to the judge to close their record. As such, they are given a ‘second chance’ at being responsible, contributing members of Israeli society.

On average, 550 teens participate each year.