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Yedidim Institute of Leadership and Volunteerism
Yedidim works to develop a new generation of young and socially responsible leaders sensitive to the needs of a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and increasingly pluralistic Israel.

Testimonial from a Volunteer:

“This is my 3rd year volunteering as a mentor for Yedidim…if I had a dollar for every smile she put on my face I would be rich! I already feel like what I learned, and the skills I have developed through this experience have enriched my life just as much as it helped her…sometimes I’m not sure who gets more out this…!”

(Nathalie, Age 26, Volunteer mentor)

In 1999, The Yedidim Institute for Leadership and Volunteerism was established under the guidance and supervision of Professor Hillel Schmid, former Dean of the School of Social Work at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In the fall of every year, the group coordinators and regional supervisors take part in a 3-day intensive national training program in Jerusalem.  Through various workshops and seminars, coordinators develop the skills they will need to be able to begin their work in the field. For instance, they learn how to do home visits, what a Personal Advancement Plan entails, how to build a yearly work plan, etc.  In addition to practical tools that they receive from professionals in the field, they also have the opportunity to discuss and debate problematic and challenging issues that arise in their everyday work.  Typically, training programs combine theoretical discussions with practical application and provide a ‘safe space’ to test practical skills as well as express thoughts and ideas. On a monthly basis, the coordinators attend national enrichment days that are designed to provide on-going, real-time assistance, as well as a supportive forum where they can share ideas and challenges.

The Institute is designed to further develop the skills of Yedidim’s mentors, coordinators, and volunteers. The Institute aims to integrate modern professional management with the spirit of altruism, volunteerism, and “chesed.”