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Yedidim has built a model designed to address a core challenge facing Israeli society today based on research and experience gained over the last 25 years.

Our model is based on the idea of peer-to-peer mentorship and includes the following central tenets

Combination of individual attention and group work

A tailor-made “Personal Advancement Program’ designed for each participant

Social action & community service projects

Parallel to the weekly one-on-one attention and guidance, these youth receive from their mentors, they are also part of a group framework. This combination of time allows youth to reap the benefits from personal attention as well as use the safe group space to test their newfound confidence and skills. All participants in the various programs have a ‘personal advancement program’ which begins with a home visit by the group coordinator.  The progress of each child is monitored on a monthly basis along with the child and the volunteer mentor. This model is designed in such a way as to draw on the unique ability of young people to positively intervene in the lives of marginalized youth and their families while offering the mentors themselves an opportunity for educational enrichment and leadership development.