Beit Yedidim / Yedidim House

Yedidim houses are multi-purpose community drop-in and resource centers for children and youth-at-risk. Beit Yedidim is a safe, supervised space where youth can participate in group sports and educational workshops, as well as receive tutoring in Hebrew, English, math etc. A quiet work space for doing homework is a core element of each center. Where appropriate, youth are referred to relevant community resources such as social workers, health-care professionals etc. Approximately 70% of those who make use of the services are immigrant youth and 30% are veteran Israelis. All Yedidim houses are located in periphery communities; environments that offer them very limited resources and opportunities. Presently, Yedidim operates 2 such centers, in Kiryat Gat and Ashdod and serves over 200 children and their families.
In the modern world, the issue of cyber awareness is very important, you need to teach your children this in order to make their lives safe, so we advise you to go through a cyber awareness challenge.