Reshaping Young Lives....Ensuring Israels Future

About Us

Yedidim, Israel's premier social services organization, touches the lives of 3,500 children, teens, and young adults each year throughout 120 communities across the country. For nearly 25 years, Yedidim has been reshaping the lives of troubled youth and immigrant children in the hopes of building a better, safer, and more just Israel.

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"As Minister of Social Affairs and Services, I must say knowing, learning, and following the activities of Yedidim, that we feel we have a partner, a very valuable partner, which has proven in its activities to be one of the great successes of Israeli social services."

Mr. Isaac Herzog, former Minister of Social Services Affairs and Services

"Yedidim's program lifts immigrant youth who stumbled along the way, giving them a last chance for personal empowerment, a return to a normative life and optimal reintegration into society.

Dr. Zippi Verdi, Municipality of Hadera

“Yedidim is an example, par excellence, of an organization that has taken on itself the responsibility of giving opportunities and a chance [to youth] even when it seems, on the surface, that it is impossible. This is its specialty."

Reuven Rivlin, The Speaker of the Israeli Knesset

"The isolation and alienation of many immigrant youth in Israel carries risks for the future stability of communities and society.  Sikuim opens new doors and the possibilities of a better future. The benefit is to the young people themselves, but also to larger circles - their families; their communities; public resources and Israel as a whole."

Shira Herzog, advisor, Dorothea Gould Foundation, Switzerland

“By the time I was 14, I had four open police files, I was afraid of nothing and cared little for anything ...Yedidim's rehabilitation program opened for me windows of opportunity that I didn't know existed and it gave me the insights to understand that there is a different path."

Lusha, alumnus

A Proven Track Record

  • The-President's-Award-for-Excellence-in-Volunteerism
  • The-Minister-of-Immigrant-Absorption-Award-for-Outstanding-Volunteers
  • The-Mayor-of-Jerusalem's-Distinguished-Service-Award-for-Volunteer-Organizations
  • The-Award-for-Excellence-in-Managment
  • Knesset-Speaker's-Award